3 keys to make it in life. 3PsPresent, Positive, and Purposeful.

Present means NOW. Don’t live in the past, put your past behind you. Don’t worry about the future. This means stop being lazy or procrastinating. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll start it tomorrow. If you have something to do, do it NOW. Nothing happens outside the NOW.

Positive: Be positive about your dreams, goals, and aims. Focus only on what you want or need in life. That’s your dreams, goals, aims, and aspirations. Stop thinking about why it won’t work and think about why it will work. Stop listening to people telling you you will fail.
Stop thinking is only the rich that will always be rich. Clear the mindset of it’s about whom you know. Start to believe in yourself and the god or goddess in you. Tell yourself you can make it no matter what. Tell yourself life is happening for me and not against me. Use affirmations and visualizations plus meditation to help you stay positive any moment.

Purposeful: This means to succeed, you must have a purpose. You must have a definite major purpose in life. Don’t just drift through life just like that and repeat the attitude and behaviors of 2019. If you repeat same attitude, you will get same result. Which means there’s nothing new about what you are calling New Year. Set goals, daily goals that will help you achieve your major purpose in life.
Write all that you want to achieve this year down. Then ask yourself what am I going to give in return to achieve all these goals. Write the plans down into daily goals.
Know that, there’s no such thing as something for nothing. If you want something, you must provide a service to humanity to have it.
For instance if you want 30,000.00 Ghc at the end of 6 months. Ask yourself what will I do to get this money. What is it that humanity needs in my locality or community? When you ask yourself questions, answers will definitely pops up.
Act on the answers that pops up. Which means you must take action.

Remember Bible says “Faith without work is dead.”
I can make it, I’ll make it, all is well, the best is yet to come without action are all useless.
Take daily actions that will get you closer to your goals or definite major purpose.
If you want to be an author of books. Everyday write something down or share something on WhatsApp or any social media.

Thank you all.


Affirmation simply means self-talk. Whatever you say or think about your life is affirmation. It’s self talk. And it will surely show in your life. We are who we are because of our words and thoughts. Begin to reprogram your mind with positive affirmation. Speak into your life with feelings and emotions. And you will become exactly such a person. Whether you say something or remain quiet, you are communicating with yourself.
That’s what most people don’t know. For instance if you are always in silence and your thought is: I’m not good, I’m not beautiful or handsome, I’m so shy of him or her, I can’t allow myself this, or that, No one loves me, etc. So will your life be. Just examine yourself carefully and you will see that you are the same total of what you think and say.

What are you saying about yourself and others?
Whatever thought that spring in you nourishes you first. Whatever you say about yourself and others will have effect on you first. Most of the time we don’t know this. You are what you think about and what you say about others. That’s why Bible says “Out of the abundance of the heart, mind, the mouth speaks.” What is in you is what is coming out everyday, moment, week, months, years, etc.

Affirmations are powerful. There’s power in repetition. Whatever you repeat for days, weeks, months, years, become a habit. The question is what are you repeating on daily basis?
Are you repeating positive stuff or negative stuff? Are you really happy about your life so far?
Are you really happy in that relationship? Are you really happy about your financial life?
These and more self questions will help you to start a new life. You can’t go to your past and change your past but you can start now, today, and have a brand new future or tomorrow. It’s not late.
If you are not happy what is it that when you do you will be happy, figure it out and do what your mind and heart tells you. Let me tell you something about the mind. Good ideas come in the mind within 5 seconds and within that time if you don’t say it or write it down or take action on it, it dies completely.
Negative things keep longer in the mind than positive ones. That’s is why rich people carries computer, phone or books with pens everywhere they go. When new idea springs in mind they write it down and repeat it till it becomes part of their thinking. Let us take example on thinking. If you’re on your bed lonely and all you think about is sex, when you sleep you will dream you are having sex or someone playing with your body parts.

Examine your life carefully. What you think about over and over again becomes a dream and dream become your reality. That’s is why if you want to change your life for good, you start by writing your goals down.

It is advisable to read your written goals aloud to yourself in the morning and in the evening. This will at least help you to be aware and conscious of what you want. Which is worthy of thinking about it over and over again.
When that happens you will see yourself in your dream pursuing your goal. Continue doing that and your mindset will change. You’ve reprogram your mind that. Use daily affirmations to change your thinking and life. Let me give you another practical example:

When you listen to a particular song over and over again. What happens? Automatically you will be singing some part of the song if not all in no time and sometimes in your dream you will be singing it. That’s the power of repetition. That’s why I have taken my time to do videos on affirmation to help you. Link to watch marriage affirmation.

You start with it and when you are awaken you can add your own words and sentences

Affirmations must be written in present tense. For example:
I am rich. I am bless. I am great, etc.
I have money.
I have wonderful family, etc. But I AM is the best. Why? Because that’s the name of God; I AM That I AM. Whatever word or words that come or comes after I AM is powerful and it will become your reality. That’s is your identify as a true child of God. When you say I AM powerful you are affirming your true identify as a child of God. It means you are one with God. If you are one with God what else? VICTORY GALORE!

When you say “I am sick and tired of that man/woman.” Or I am sick and tired in this country. You will be sick and tired of him or her or that country.
When you say “You are sick.” You will be sick. When you say “I can’t afford it.” You can’t afford it too. When you see something that you like and you can’t afford it don’t say you can’t afford it. Rather ask yourself a question like this “How can I afford it?” Your mind will give you suggestions on what to do to afford it. Never complete a negative statement no matter what. Reverse negative statements immediately with positive statements. Stay bless, peace!


Fall in love when you are ready not when you are lonely. To both gents and ladies.
Falling in love or to fall in love goes with lot of responsibilities.
For you to get these responsibilities right, you must ask yourself series of questions and be honest in answering them. If you lie in answering the questions, it’s your own cup of tea.
Most of the responsibilities start within you. Ask yourself a question like this. Am I ready to tolerant other person’s unfaithfulness, dishonesty, misunderstanding, worries, pain and suffering?
If your answers are no please don’t make attempt to fall in love.
You can’t joke with other person’s heart.
If you are lonely, get yourself a sex mate not a lover. Sex mate will come around anytime you call on him or her. To make your sex mate reliable or for the person to be reliable, you can pay him or her.
Be sincere in whatever you really want to do. If you want sex and not to fall in love, let the other person knows that. Don’t lie to people. Lying is costly and always remember, you can’t cheat an honest person.
Falling in love goes with ups and downs, rough and smooth, that’s a universal law the impermanence of all things. In other words no situation is permanent.
Falling in love or being in love with someone goes with 100% commitment, fellowship, acceptance, forgiveness, love and compassion, honesty, self-control, trial times, blessing times.
Remember there’s no promotion without testing or trials. For your relationship to be promoted, you must pass all life tests to get to the other level.
If you fail your test, you can resit until you pass it. Because in the University of Nature, there’s no double promotion. You must take each and every course because each and every course serves a purpose.
Remember, there’s no blessing without troubles or problems.
Problems, challenges, troubles are blessings in disguise. When you dodge problem or trouble or challenge you dodge blessing.
Loving relationship can only grows through trials and tribulations.
Trials and tribulations in a relationship is to separate impurities. In other words you know a person better when the goings are tough.
Everyone can hide their true characters in good times but hard times show or expose their true character(s).
To fall in love ask yourself. Am I ready to love this person in good times and hard times alike? If yes then you can fall in love. If no kindly hold it there. Be frank with the other person I am not ready to fall in love. I have to do my within works first.
Remember, everything starts from within. For you to be great, successful in any undertaken, you must first develop from within.
For instance, before a foetus grows to a child it must start from within. The heart is formed, then the brain, and the other organs before the body. After everything is right in the mother’s womb, delivery occurs and the child comes out to the outside world.
Same way, if you want to grow or build a character as a person, you must start from within. Get your temperaments under control, emotions and feelings under control before you can tolerant the other person.
The only things you can control as a person are your own thoughts, emotions, behavior, etc. You can’t control other person’s thought, emotions, behavior, etc.
Do your within works first and you will be a lovable, loving person.
Everyone wants to be with with a lovable and loving person. Only when your within works are done right that you can stand the test of time in any relationship.
You can’t fake it because Nature will expose you. Some people pretend as if they are lovable and loving person but trial times expose them. They run from one relationship to another thinking they will meet a better person forgetting they can make themselves a better person.
You are a human magnet. You attract what is within you, likes attract likes. If you always meet players in your life, know that you are a player from within.
There’s a way out and this is the way out. Have time for yourself and relax alone. Analyze your character what is it that is wrong with me. When you identify a particular bad character, start making effort to change it by reading self development book or listening to audio books on that particular bad character you’ve identified. You can also follow people on YouTube who inspire and motivate you to grow, learn, and develop positively. Keep your focus till you achieved your desired aim. I guarantee you, your character will change and you will be willing to change others who have same character as you used to. You will see yourself writing books, and a whole lot of things. In that way, you’ve changed a bad character to a blessing. People will love you and you will be celebrated. You will start making money from all of these stuff and you will be proud of yourself. To every problem or challenge, there is an equivalent benefit or advantage.

Written by Paul Kwao
Thank you


Everything around us is energy.
Because where attention goes energy flows and result shows.
Every seconds you are praying
Because your thoughts are prayers. We are all praying and when you know this, you start being conscious of your thoughts and what you think about others and yourself. When you take charge of your mind you control your life.
Be ye renewed in your mind-thoughts, and soul.
Forgive people, don’t hold grudges. Know that everybody is human being just like you and as humans as we are, we all make mistakes.
There’s no way you will stay or live with social beings (human beings) and offence won’t come. Offence will always come but don’t hold it in your heart. Let go and let the Universe take its course.
Don’t also blame yourself when offence comes know that you are human being and as humans as we are, we all make mistakes. Correct your mistakes. Mistakes are correctable. Don’t be so hard on yourself and others. Don’t joke with your peace of mind. Peace of mind is ultimate. Don’t let offence or grudges or anything steal your peace of mind.
Always forgive yourself and forgive people and be patience knowing that all things are working together for your good.
If you are in traffic stops worry, see everything as the Universe doing. Who knows if the traffic is to preserve your life? If you are in a relationship for years and it doesn’t work, see it as the Universe will. Who knows that’s to prevent you from other deadly relationship?
Life is happening for you and not against you. Write this on your wall in your room. Use it as wall motto.
Whatever happens say Universe or God, or whatever name, it doesn’t matter the name you call Him/Her. I don’t understand, but I know and believe You are for me and not against me.
Have a growth mindset knowing and being aware that all things are working together for your good. Remember every second and micro seconds that, you are sending prayers into the Universe via your thoughts, wishes, desires, and prayers.
The person who doesn’t go to church but knows his/her thoughts are prayers and only thinks on the good things he or she needs/wants in life is way more spiritual than he or she who goes to church and come back holding grudges, taking offence, and all forms of malice.” says Paul Kwao.

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